Fantastic Family Adventures

Our interactive Adventure Kits use text messaging and make-believe to take your family on fun fictional experiences

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Bring these tales to life with our puzzles and story lines and have whimsical fun with the whole family!

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What a fun way to explore, learn some history, and experience a sense of wonder/delight. A unique experience we definitely want to do again.

- Lisa E
It was a lot of fun but also challenging. We did a lot of high fiving and cheers as we solved the puzzles.

- Chelsea T

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How our adventures woRK

receive your Puzzle Kit
Includes a map and puzzles to solve along with a number to text to start your experience.
Get the Story by Text
Follow along the story through automated text messages. Answer texts to get your next clue.
Discover new places
Visit places on a fictional map, or if you are in San Francisco, travel through local neighborhoods
Solve Fun Puzzles
Our puzzles are crafted to challenge young minds.
Save the day!
Yay! Your family is full of heroes (but you already knew that!)
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Avoid added screen time while your kids play independently!

With limited tech, we keep your kids reading and engaged. Automated text messages  respond to your answers, moving you along in the story at your own pace.

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To find entertainment that lasts over an hour for $15 is a win in my book! Not only was it entertaining, but they were learning too! My oldest (10) got so into it that he took the phone from me so he could read the clues! He was reading! That doesn’t happen by choice very often."

– Penny S
Had a great time solving the puzzles with my kid, since he is learning to read and write it was a great way for him to spell out some of the clues and write them without feeling like homework, he still talks about the robber he caught! Loved it!

- Frederico S
I ordered it to try it out and gave to my daughter as a reward to finish school. She was engaged for about an hour + another full day making the little paper creatures. I am already planning to gift this adventure to some other kids.

- Juliana B
We’ve done two scavenger hunts so far and my kid always asks when more will come out. Highly recommend!

- Sophia C