Fantastic family adventures at home or through your neighborhood

Testing. Testing. This is Inter-Dimensional Agent A003! My portal exploded and stranded me in a collapsing dimension. If you’re receiving this transmission I need your help. Solve the puzzles to repair the Astronaut's portal and return her to her original dimension!
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Calling all hard-boiled detectives and clever clue finders!  A rare painting was stolen from the museum, and now the city needs your help to find out whodunit! Follow the trail of evidence and solve puzzles to find the thief!  
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“This Mission should you choose to accept it..."

A great brain exercise especially for Elementary ages, but super fun for me as an adult as well

-M Erwin
It’s a blast! ❤️ I love how creative it is!

-B Stearman
We all played together and it definitely was fun for all ages! The puzzles even had the teen and adults wracking our brains. The 7 year old loved helping and setting up our clue station. He was super amused with how you figure out some of the clues!

-J Laing
My daughter and I had a blast saving the astronaut. Thanks for the good time!

- A Faber
My daughter and I had a blast saving the astronaut. Thanks for the good time!

- A Faber
This was such a fun activity to do with my 9 year old and his friend. They were able to solve most of the puzzles independently, but it was challenging enough to be exciting. And I learned a few historical facts along the way!

- R MurrayMetzger
My daughter and I had a blast saving the astronaut. Thanks for the good time!

- A Faber
It was a great experience. My daughter was super excited and loved it. She started to ask me to do the other scavenger hunt right away. She shared with me that she thought it would be boring since she was doing with me only and with no friends. She changed her mind totally :) My daughter told me that I'm a great mom as I found this scavenger hunt and got it.

- A Krylova
It’s cool to play this with friends. We had so much fun!

- N Gamini
Adventurous is an intriguing way to discover the real world under the guidance of the imagined world of enhanced reality.

- D O’Neal
What a fun way to explore, learn some history, and experience a sense of wonder/delight. A unique experience we definitely want to do again.

- L Erickson

how it works

  • 1

    Choose your adventure

    Choose your Adventure and which neighborhood you want to play it in
  • 2

    Start your mission

    Get your Puzzle Kit with a map of places to visit and puzzles to be used throughout the Adventure
  • 3

    Walk around to find clues and solve puzzles

    Visit different locations all within walking distance (½ mile) in order to progress through your adventure
  • 4

    interact with fun and educational activities

    Activities include anything from finding something in the real environment, meeting fictional characters, and solving fun puzzles
  • 5

    Complete the adventure

    Complete all of the activities and save the day!

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