About Adventurous

Adventurous Co is a small team building adventures through the San Francisco Bay Area. We focus on building immersive outdoor play experiences to incite imagination.

We grew up on Choose Your Own Adventure books, point and click escape rooms, and text based RPGs. We are inspired by the craftsmanship behind movies, games, and immersive theatre.

Our belief is that the future of entertainment isn’t delivered through a single medium but can be experiences you can be a part of. Our vision is to bring storybooks to life as experiences through the real world. Theme parks creates physical worlds around the stories and characters we all love. We want to use technology to bring theme parks into the 21st century. The world is already so magical already, we’re just missing the characters and stories to bring the fantastic to life.

We have big plans but are starting with the baby steps. Each experience is written to instill a sense of Adventure. Puzzles are crafted for you to interact with the stories. And technology is used in creative ways to bring the stories to life.

We are Adventurous.