Create Adventures in Your Neighborhood

We are looking for parents to help us expand our scavenger hunt neighborhood options in exchange for a free Adventure Kit created just for your family!

To help us build your Adventure, we'll need information on the neighborhood and 10-12 interesting things to see:

  • Pick a family friendly neighborhood – should be walkable within a 5-10 block radius
  • Make a trip to explore! You’ll be walking around the area to find interesting things for the adventure
  • Find 10-12 interesting things or locations – things that you might normally gloss over when visiting the area. These should be permanent fixtures such as landmarks, statues, murals, etc
  • Take pictures and record information. We'll need to know where the location is and where to look to find the interesting location/thing. The information should provide enough details for us to create riddles and a scavenger hunt around

After submitting your locations through this form you should receive your Adventure kit in 2-3 weeks!

Add your neighborhood



What do I get for gathering this information?
Once we’ve received the information, we’ll create and send you a free Unseen School Adventure Kit, specifically for the route you’ve outlined.

Will all the landmarks I provide be used in the Adventure or only some?
Only some of the landmarks you provide will be chosen for riddles and clues. You’ll have a leg up for having done the work, but you’ll still need to figure out which ones we’re hinting at!

Will others have access to the route I pick?
Yes. In partnering with us, you’re helping up map out new locations for our Neighborhood Adventures in exchange for a free Adventure Kit of your own