Kids' At Home Adventures

Go on puzzle-solving Adventures right from the comfort of your home!

Rescue the Abandoned Astronaut lost in another dimension or solve the mystery of the Pilfered Painting! Each puzzle kit comes packed with puzzles, a map, and instructions on how to start your Adventure.

Each Adventure comes jam packed with puzzles and a map of fictional places. When you're ready to start, text the phone number in your kit to receive your missions. Complete each mission by solving the puzzles in your kit. Solve all the puzzles to complete the Adventure and save the day!

Our Adventures are perfect for kids ages 6-12! Great for 1-1.5 hours of independent play or a fun activity for the entire family to do together!

Once you've Purchased your adventure, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Receive your Puzzle Kit by mail in 2-5 days
  2. Your Puzzle Kit will include puzzle sheets and a map of fictional places
  3. When you're ready to start your Adventure, text the confirmation code included in your Puzzle Kit
  4. You'll receive your first correspondence with the Astronaut or Detective agency
  5. Complete all the missions to uncover each clue. Find all the clues to complete the Adventure!

frequently asked questions

What’s in the Puzzle Kit?
The Puzzle Kit includes all the puzzle sheets you'll need during your Adventure
, a map, and instructions on how to start

How long does it take to receive our Puzzle Kit?
Your puzzle Kit will be sent via USPS First Class Mail and can take 2-5 days to arrive

How do we receive information about the Adventure?
Our Adventures are shared by text message. You will receive text messages at the beginning of your Adventure and as you complete each mission

Does everyone in my group need to have a phone?
No, you only need one phone to receive messages

How many people are needed for each Adventure?
The Puzzle Kits are meant to be shared between 2-4 people. If you have more than 4 people in your group, we recommend purchasing more Puzzle Kits

How long does this Adventure last?
Adventures last 1 to 1.5 hours on average


We have two kids ages 4 and 7 and they both love it. It’s age appropriate for our 7 year old (with some help from adults). The last scavenger pack also came with excellent papercrafts that kept my kids entertained for hours.

We’ve done two scavenger hunts so far and my kid always asks when more will come out. Highly recommend!

- S Chung
What a fun time we had with this activity!! Spent some time today saving an astronaut!

- R Hilton
I ordered it to try it out and gave to my daughter as a reward to finish school. She was engaged for about an hour + another full day making the little paper creatures. I am already planning to gift this adventure to some other kids.

- J Bradley
My daughter and I had a blast saving the astronaut. Thanks for the good time!

- A Faber
My older son Huey absolutely loves puzzles and problem-solving! Huey’s favorite part was the cold-activated message that revealed the code when placed in the freezer!”

- A Dernick
It was a lot of fun but also challenging. We did a lot of high fiving and cheers as we solved the puzzles.

- C Thompson
It’s so much fun. Some of the puzzles/scavenger hunts were really challenging but we yelled hooray at the end when we finally did it/found it.

- Anonymous
My daughter and I had a blast saving the astronaut. Thanks for the good time!

- A Faber
My girls have been very interested in the recent @spacex and @nasa spaceship launch 🚀 . We had so much fun with this activity!

- J Roush
We all played together and it definitely was fun for all ages! The puzzles even had the teen and adults wracking our brains. The 7 year old loved helping and setting up our clue station. He was super amused with how you figure out some of the clues!

-J Laing
“This Mission should you choose to accept it..."

A great brain exercise especially for Elementary ages, but super fun for me as an adult as well

-M Erwin
It’s a blast! ❤️ I love how creative it is!

-B Stearman
Had a great time solving the puzzles with my kid, since he is learning to read and write it was a great way for him to spell out some of the clues and write them without feeling like homework, he still talks about the robber he caught! Loved it!

- F Soria
My son had a great time helping solve puzzles.

- J Jacobs
My daughter and I had a blast saving the astronaut. Thanks for the good time!

- A Faber
My daughter and I had a blast saving the astronaut. Thanks for the good time!

- A Faber
My daughter and I had a blast saving the astronaut. Thanks for the good time!

- A Faber
This was such a fun activity to do with my 9 year old and his friend. They were able to solve most of the puzzles independently, but it was challenging enough to be exciting. And I learned a few historical facts along the way!

- R MurrayMetzger
My daughter and I had a blast saving the astronaut. Thanks for the good time!

- A Faber
It was a great experience. My daughter was super excited and loved it. She started to ask me to do the other scavenger hunt right away. She shared with me that she thought it would be boring since she was doing with me only and with no friends. She changed her mind totally :) My daughter told me that I'm a great mom as I found this scavenger hunt and got it.

- A Krylova
It’s cool to play this with friends. We had so much fun!

- N Gamini
Adventurous is an intriguing way to discover the real world under the guidance of the imagined world of enhanced reality.

- D O’Neal
What a fun way to explore, learn some history, and experience a sense of wonder/delight. A unique experience we definitely want to do again.

- L Erickson