The Abandoned Astronaut

Go on a family Adventure to rescue the Abandoned Astronaut from an alternate dimension!

Incoming transmission from IDPM3400… Please standby… SOS! ‍ Is anyone there? This is Interdimensional Agent A003. My portal exploded and stranded me in an alternate dimension. If you’re receiving this transmission I need your help.

Help return the astronaut to her original dimension by going on a scavenger hunt and puzzle solving Adventure.

Perfect for kids ages 6-12 and fun for the whole family! Go on the Adventure at home or through a SF Bay Area neighborhood.

      Once you've Purchased your adventure, here’s what you can expect:

      1. Receive your Puzzle Kit by mail in 2-5 days
      2. Your Puzzle Kit will include a map and puzzles to solve
      3. When you're ready to start your rescue mission, text the confirmation code included in your Puzzle Kit
      4. You'll receive your first correspondence with the Astronaut
      5. Complete all the missions to uncover each portal part. Find all the parts to rescue the Astronaut and bring her back to our dimension

      frequently asked questions

      How do the Adventures work during Shelter in Place?
      The Adventure takes on a 5-10 block walk of the neighborhood. All the locations you visit are public spaces or the front of businesses, never inside. You can keep at a safe distance and still have a good time!‍

      What’s in the Puzzle Kit?
      The Puzzle Kit includes all the puzzle sheets you'll need during your Adventure
, a map, and instructions on how to start

      How long does it take to receive our Puzzle Kit?
      Your Puzzle Kit will be sent via USPS First Class Mail and can take 2-5 days to arrive

      How do we receive information about the rescue mission?
      Our Adventures are shared by text message. You will receive text messages at the beginning of your adventure and as you complete each quest

      Does everyone in my group need to have a phone?
      No. You only need one phone to receive messages

      How many people are needed for each Adventure?
      The Puzzle Kits are meant to be shared between 2-4 people. If you have more than 4 people in your group, we recommend purchasing more Puzzle Kits

      How much walking will be required?
      At Home Adventure: None! The entire Adventure can be experienced from your living room!

      Neighborhood Adventure: The entire Adventure is within easy walking distance of the starting destination. Expect to walk no more than .5 miles to complete the entire adventure

      How long does this Adventure last?
      Adventures last 1 to 1.5 hours on average