The Pilfered Painting

The family that fights crime together has fun together!

Do you like solving mysteries? Gather up a team of hard-boiled detectives and get on the case! A rare painting has been stolen, and the city needs your help!

This Adventurous story line takes you on a search through your neighborhood to solve puzzles at each new location and find the clues you need to break this case wide open.

Perfect for kids ages 6-12 and fun for the whole family! Go on the Adventure at home or through a SF Bay Area neighborhood.

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    Once you've Purchased your adventure, here’s what you can expect:

    1. Receive your Puzzle Kit by mail in 2-5 days
    2. Once you have your Puzzle Kit, you can begin the Adventure at any time
    3. When you're ready to start your investigation, just send us a text with the confirmation code included in your Puzzle Kit
    4. You'll receive your first set of instructions to investigate the suspects and uncover clues throughout the neighborhood
    5. Find all the clues to solve the mystery, nab the perpetrator, and bring back the stolen painting!

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